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Perth Street Art

Walking around today I saw some cool street art. Following on from what I saw in Melbourne, Perth has a lot to offer.



Silent Roar

This is a new photomanipulation I’ve been working on called ‘Silent Roar’. Let me know what you think.



The Door

the door

I have been working on my photo manipulation tools and I picked up some great tips from here.

All the photos used in this are mine except for the planet and the door. I took inspiration from George Grie. Amazing surrealist art work that you should definitely check out.

I’m going to keep working on photo manipulation, I love this area of digital art and as I progress I will add images here so watch this space.

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Street Art II

I was walking around Chinatown and found this great piece of art.

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Art and Design at the library

I went to the state Library of Victoria and they have some great stuff on display.

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Street art

I found this pasted to a wall by an underpass at Williamstown station. I don’t know who did it but it’s great.

Sugar Skulls